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This in an entry for Ava’s Demon contest. It’s a bit messy etc. but I had to finish this in hurry.

This is Usva, her name means fog in finnish. Her eyes are fully white although they can’t be seen in this picture.

Usva is able to create mist, fog, steam and other that kind of stuff and is able to change its temperature too.


Before becoming “a demon” Usva was a priestess. She had no family or friends, but the followers of her religion respected her, although no-one ever tried to take actual contact to her. She just stayed in the chaple, as a link between the people and their God(s). She eventually started to feel herself lonely.

One day a wanderer came into the chaple. He came to ask for help, since he had no place to go. Long story short, he was the first person who actually wanted to know how she was doing, they became friends and the wanderer became a priest in the same chaple. It was also his home now.

And since there is no light without darkness, one day when they were doing their daily chores in the chaple, their planet was attacked. One by one everyone got killed and and they were the last two standing.


Usva is kind-hearted but also one who you wouldn’t want to anger. After dying she has wanted to go look for her friend, but hasn’t been able to. She misses him very much.

Also, here’s a quick drawing of the host, Nicola (aka “me”)

Usva is like a big sister to Nicola, so yea, they come along pretty well.

No pact has yet been made.


Rise of the Guardians [ 2/? ]

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Azir new login screen revealed

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